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This may be the way you know me.

But I was not always an elder statesman -
I was a young Dreamer, and worker.

I was born in a emmigrant family - as is everyone in what is now known as America.

My avatar will be your guild through the details of this clever little project.

You can choose your Road. . .
to imagine, inspire and achieve
disparate - .......Notice the word disparate?
dis·pa·rate 'disp?r?t,d?'sper?t/Submit adjective
1. essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison. "they inhabit disparate worlds of thought" synonyms: contrasting, different, differing, dissimilar, unalike, poles apart; More nounarchaic
1. things so unlike that there is no basis for comparison.
Everyone - Anyone is invited Anyone of Good Will
... to participate - to work with us.
. . . . . . . . White, Orange, Chocolate - and CHILDREN !
Yet the idea is to integrate these disparate types,
so they understand , cooperate, and help each other -
rather than disparage or fight each other.
Moment Please ! - We are still deleloping this Project. We are doing our research to make this work.
The Web Site is Under Construction - as is the concept.
We wish to start with a follower of Islam ---
That's where the war is now.
We have managed to survive wars, in spite of the disaster they brought.
But now we fear our neighbor, a stranger on the street, a religion in a distance place.
A Muslim family with 3 young children - just out of a war-torn country.
A US Vereran, say Native American, with 2 children and looking for a job.
A Jewish family, perhaps from the Ukraine . . .
the American Dreamer wishes to provide:
A home for all Participants, Food, and Work . . . and a learning process.
- preferably, Veterans who have experienced the stress of war
and preferably have interacted with type of refugees we might be helping.
We seek a common criteria... as on our Board of Directors, also.
That is each group be mixed: Christians, Jews, Muslims,
and other variations.
the American Dreamer will provide a site with housing . . .
. . . healthy, sanitary - but in poor condition.
the American Dreamer will provide food during their stay.
Perhaps some space for farming some of their own healty produce.
the American Dreamer will provide access to schooling.
in English, USA history and culture . . .
and specific classes aimed toward each individual's Dream.
We favor developing entrepeneurs, rather than laborers.
. . . but we feel there is no dishonorable job, except theft.
We now find ourselves in a very odd sort of war. One side calls it a War on Terrorism, the other side says it is a war against Imperialists, invaders, Crusaders - to purify and convert to the One True Religion. Wow. Haven't we heard that song before? It is, in fact, a war of ideas and ideals. And there lies a new urgency.
C-City is designed to argue for and demonstrate peace and cooperation among disparate religions and ideologies.
Paris is a beautiful city, but it faces the same concerns with immigrants that many in the USA do.
Paris has some wonderful cafes
the Children's Cafe
As our Participants build their home, they also build their business - a Children's cafe.
Under Construction . . . Tune in soon
Below are thoughts and intentions that shall link to more information
as we find the time to build thois Site.
By the by, in spite of the ideals,
the American Dreamer does not pretend this all will be easy.
It can be done. 
It is not likely to be easy.
the American Dream.
That any individual with will and reasonable fortitude can improve his/her Life by learning, cooperation and work.

- And we have to admit that this Dream is more human than "American", but American Dreamer is a handy catch-phrase, and in spite of our faults, we have probably done the best job with it.
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9 Jan'18
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