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Can we get better Art ?
Help Wanted


I sure like Young Ben Franklin,
but I hope we can fnd someone to draw him better.

Help Wanted

OK, I admit that is not a prime issue.
Building a Busines Plan and Presentation is more critical -
I just like to include a bit of fancy !
Everyone - Anyone is invited
... to participate - to work with us.
. . . . . . . . White, Orange, Chocolate - and CHILDREN !
. . . the idea is to integrate these disparate types,
so they understand , cooperate, and help each other -
rather than disparage or fight each other.
First - As we build the Concept . . .
We seek a US Vereran, say Native American,
with children and looking for a job.
He/she may transition into our on-site Mentor.
Under Construction . . . Tune in soon
the American Dreamer wishes to provide:
A home for all Participants, Food, and Work . . . and a learning process.
- preferably, Veterans who have experienced the stress of war and preferably interacted with type of refugees we might be helping.
We seek a common criteria... as on our Board of Directors, also.
That is each group be mixed: Christians, Jews, Muslims,
and other variations.
the American Dreamer will provide a site with housing . . .
. . . healthy, sanitary - but in poor condition -
for our Participants to improve, as they improve their own lives. .
the American Dreamer will provide food during their stay.
Perhaps some space for farming some of their own healty produce.
the American Dreamer will provide access to schooling.
in English, USA history and culture . . .
and specific classes aimed toward each individual's Dream.
We favor developing entrepeneurs, rather than laborers.
. . . but we feel there is no dishonorable job, but theft.
Preview of Coming Attractions
Paris is a beautiful city, but it faces the same concerns with immigrants that many in the USA do.
. . . enjoying your neighbors - no matter their origin.
Paris has some wonderful cafes
As our Participants build their home, they also build their business - a Children's cafe.
Under Construction . . . Tune in soon
Careers forJohn Doe
By John Doe, we mean the average man/woman - but more particularly, the somewhat apocryphal image of the poor, but always industrious, American. We are not sure that image fits today's average Joe, but it does in fact fit many apparently ordinary man and woman, all over the world.
We use the phrase American Dreamer, not because Americans are the only Dreamers, but because we earned the title years ago - sort of coining the concept.
We use the image of filming, because it is thought to be so glamorous, yet the industry was created largely by a group of poor and under appreciated types. In fact, filming and story telling are careers that are used and can be developed with AD, but so can GREEN technology, lumber, and welding.
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